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Learn bollywood dance

Jolafin teaches Bollywood dances, mainly semi classical styles, which incorporates movements of Kathak and  Bharatanatyam and  in a more liberate way of dancing and choreography.  She often introduced participants to classical indian styles through bollywood dancing. 

Bollywood courses and workshops

Jolafin prepares the choreographies according to the lyrics, which are in hindi. She translates the lyrics to her mostly german speaking students, and while dancing connects the movements with the lyrics. Her choreographies are easy to follow and challenging if the level requires. Complex movements are introduced slowly and carefully according to the level of experience.

Next lessons are scheduled for Summer 2018. 

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A choreography to the semi classical song "Main Vari Vari" (movie: Mangal Pandey), in a 4h workshop in Bonn. The participant were mostly beginners with previous general dance experience.

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